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Ride the best

Everyone loves a good set of worn in Indy’s. The one’s pictured here are of Indy pro Peter Hewitt’s.
What’s the longest you’ve ever skated the same set of trucks?
Check out the competition Independent is running on Instagram – @independenttrucks
Built to grind!

ryan reyes at corio!

Here’s a new little clip of Ryan Reyes that popped up from the Creature Oznostic Front Tour from a couple of years ago.
If you know how loose Ry Rey rides his trucks, and how gnarly the Corio keyhole bowl is you’ll know his backside noseblunt is complete and utter madness!

A winters afternoon in hobart with laif johannesen

A Winter’s Afternoon at EC with Laif Johannesen from Lush Productions on Vimeo.

Australian Creature team rider Laif Johannesen skates his local on a cold and spooky afternoon. Warning * horror themes

Polejam in Hobart. Photo by Moey

CPH Pro Finals and best tricks

The CPH pro contest just went down in Copenhagen and man it was a doozy!
Congrats to Australian Indy rider Tommy Fynn who placed 6th out of a stack of the world’s best heavy hitters!

Cunnies Box trailer

Check out the trailer for one of the latest and greatest skate videos out of Aus featuring Australian Independent riders Bryce Golder, Jackson Pilz, Jimmy Roche, Jack Kirk, Max Couling and a horde of other rippers. Filmed and edited by Geoff Campbell.

Cunnies Box-Trailer from on Vimeo.

Jackson Pilz – The Skateboarders Journal

Congrats to Independent team rider Jackson Pilz on the amazing new cover of issue 28 of The Skateboarders Journal!
He’s also got a little interview over at which has got some really good photos in it as well.

Go Skateboarding Day Video Contest winner

Congratulations to Hideaf for their entry into Lush’s International Go Skateboarding Day video competition!
After some heated competition from entries from all across Australia the entry from Hideaf came out the winner.
Fun times skating through the city with your friends is what it’s all about!

HIDEAF Go Skateboarding Day 2013 SYDNEY from HiDeaf on Vimeo.


Curren Caples

Curren Caples is leading the charge of the new generation of all terrain destroyers.
He has a little interview up with fellow Ricta Wheels rider Louie Lopez and lays some smooth moves at one of California’s growing amount of dream skate parks.

Ron Deily

Zoo York rider Ron Deily skates around his home town where the storms have recently damaged the city.

Luis Tolentino hometown – Queens

Zoo York rider Luis Tolentino shows you around his New York borough of Queens.
Classic spots and the secret to his monster pop are all revealed in this clip from the Ride Channel.