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ZOO YORK: King of New York Trailer

ZOO YORK proudly presents, KING OF NEW YORK. Shot exclusively in New York City. Dropping December 2013. Watch the trailer below.

Halloween Competition – Slaughter At The Park

This Halloween is going to be the best yet!
To celebrate everything cool and creepy Creature presents Slaughter At The Park.
There’ll be heaps of prizes and one of the biggest and best indoor parks in the Southern Hemisphere to skate!
Come all ye ghosts, ghouls and goblins for a fangin’ good time…

Indy Riders at Belcopalooza!

Check out Gracias for some rad pics covering the recent Belcopalooza comp in Canberra.
By now you’d know Indy rider Tommy Fynn took out the Australian titles for the third year running!
Fellow Independent trucks riders Sam Giles, Sammy Winter and Bugs Fardell are also featured in this black and white photo expose.
Click here for the link.

belco giles gap 5o-2

Pics – Sam Giles – gap to 5.0 grind
Tommy Fynn – nollie crooks
Photos by Duncan Ewington

Here’s the highlights from the event –

Mobtage No.3

Sit back and enjoy some shredtastic clips from Mob riders Silas Baxter-Neal, Austyn Gillette, Matt Miller, Luan Oliveira, Daryl Angel and Stefan Janoski!


Renton Millar at Belco

Here’s a sweet little clip of Indy rider Renton Millar shredding the Belco bowl in Canberra over the weekend. Also featuring his little shredder friend Keegan.

Belco Keyhole Session. from renton millar on Vimeo.

Photo by David Pang

John ‘Peewee’ Dickenson Interview

Rome Torti has just dropped a full length interview with Australian Creature and Independent trucks team rider John ‘Peewee’ Dickenson over at Nothing Else Mattress.
Peewee’s lived a rough life and loves his spots even rougher!
Scope the interview for some gnarly skating and coarse language not for the faint hearted…

Photo by Rome Torti

Lush Staff getting busy!

We here at Lush Productions have a passion for skateboarding!
So it’s no surprise that our staff are out there shredding along with our team riders!

Here’s a couple of recent web features on our staff members Nick Kilderry and Duncan Ewington.
You’ll probably know Nick if you’ve ever skated Prahran skatepark, Fitzy bowls back in the day or have flipped through an Australian magazine over the last 15-20 years. He’s also our Australian Sales Manager and is the man you’re most likely to be ordering hardware from for your local skate shop in Aus. Just don’t ask him about 540s…

For more on Nick and to find out what makes him tick follow the link to his interview.

Duncan’s been shooting photos and filming across Australia for the last twenty years or so and is the Lush Team Manager. Check out his recent interview on his photography on the United
Skateboard Photographer Project
site that also features Australian Independent trucks rider Renton Millar and Indy flow rider Sean Ritchie.

duncan ewington portrait

Duncan keeping it old school – photo by Kris Whiting

Pic below
Nick Kilderry – Frontside air at Epping – Photo by Jason Morey