Alphabet Soup

Alphabet Soup Clothing For Fashion Forward Grommets.
“We just make what boys want!”

Alphabet Soup is available from toddler size 1 to boys size 12 Only

Available at better kids boutique stores all around Australia &  NZ

Also available in selected Fast Times and Street Machine skate stores

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It all started ……
the night a boy opened his front door to an Alligator and a dragon“Good evening my dear boy, I’m sorry we are late.
The Dragon is ready, let’s make haste, we’re due at half past eight.”“We need your help to gather, we’re creating something grand,
Using every letter from the alphabet, now quickly, take my hand”The cold night air was harsh; the boy began to groan,
“Be quiet,” boomed the dragon, “and don’t lose that Chicken-bone.”The Dragon was a grumpy one; an Echidna perched on his tail,
“STOP” yelled the Echidna, “Look there, Fairy Floss for sale.”With more things still to collect, the strange troupe headed on,
The boy discovered a bright light ahead in which a figure shone.A dancing Gorilla in Halloween suit was exactly what they’d need,
The boy headed over and bent down, balancing on one knee.“Oh lovely dressed Gorilla, I ask you, join with me,
We need you and your Iguana friend to come with us for tea.”As more and more came together, around the motley crew,
A Joker took out a Lego-man, as well as a Kazoo.A Monkey came along, with a Piano on his head,
A Nurse and Ostrich sat listening, while a Robot stood and read.With everyone now following, the group arrived at their destination,
But when they saw the Queens red face they stopped in hesitation.“Your Late” cried the Queen “I’ve been stirring this pot for ages
The Skull, Top Hat and Xylophone are in, hurry, the soup is in its last stages.”A Wombat played the Ukulele, while a Vampire peered and snooped.
A Yeti was busy chatting while a Zebra hoola-hooped.The boy held tightly to the chicken bone, it was the most important thing
The Queen walked by and signalled, it was time to throw it in.The clan were gathered and ready, everyone started diving into the pot
But the boy began to wonder, something worrying him a lot.He thought of all the things they had collected along the way
Then realised what the problem was, quickly opening his mouth to say“I don’t believe we have enough, we are missing the letter B,”
The alligator smiled at the boy and said “We have enough, Boy, you’re last, you go in after me”It’s A to Z of fun and laughter, with characters rather weird,
Alphabet Soup brings imagination to life, where things are never feared.
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