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Thank you to all the family and friends that came out to celebrate Harold’s life this past weekend. LEGENDS NEVER DIE.

Milton Martinez’s “Creature Fiend” Part


This part starts solid and just keeps building. By the end, Milton is destroying some truly enormous terrain. That backside 50-50 drop! Unreal.

Wes Kremer’s “Extra Crusty By Nature” Part


Simply amazing. Kick back and enjoy this behind-the-scenes journey, featuring slams, outtakes, and never before seen footy. Wes is best.

Black Dave in Las Vegas


Last month Black Dave traveled to Las Vegas to perform, skate and visit the Agenda tradeshow. Watch how it all went down in this episode of THE ZOO YORK POST.

Daniel Johnson – Zoo York

Daniel Johnson – Zoo York Australia 2014 from Lush Productions on Vimeo.

Check out the latest street edit from Zoo York’s Australian BMX rider Daniel Johnson.

Filmed – Cooper Brownlee, Rhys Yeomans, Jack Kelly, Lachy Swanton
Edited – Daniel Johnson

Instagram – @zooyorkoz
– @djbmx

JSLV/Sk8Mafia presents Shang-Higher

The SK8MAFIA has some serious ledge/tech wizards and China’s perfect plazas set the stage for this high-quality production. Featuring Tyler Surrey, Jimmy Cao, Larelle Gray, Kellen James, and Jamie Palmore.

Creature Skateboards presents ‘Who The F#ck is Jeremy Tuffli’

Northwest terrorizer Jeremy Tuffli, throws out some surprise moves at Burnside of all places in this “Who the F#ck?” for Creature Skateboards.
Check out the clip for some sick spots and insane shredding from someone you’ve probably never heard of before!

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Keep Calm and Watch Shuriken Shannon come correct and straight murder a DIY cinder block set up in the NHS Fun Factory. Every wonder how Shuriken gets so high? It’s because of his new Santa Cruz Skateboards Pro Deck with P2 technology! P2 has spring loaded pop… The 8.0IN x 31.6IN Shuriken Weed Panther P2 is AVAILABLE NOW!

Andrew Reynolds Limited Hollow

Andrew Reynolds is one of the most respected skaters in the game. Only fitting that he would ride for the most respected truck brand in the skateboard industry. Watch as he rips the Baker skate facility and talks about his new signature truck, the Independent Reynolds II LTD Hollow.

Melbourne montage

The Lush team riders are always out there skating hard – and this clip is a great show case of some of the talent that Lush supports.
Filmed and edited by Nathan Tonkin
Featuring Sk8 Mafia rider Yuta Tanaka, Zoo York team rider Aaron Lister and Independent trucks team riders Mike Martin and Jeremy Corea.