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Noble Park opens Wednesday 05/08/15 Here’s a clip of some of the Lush Team shredding the new park

Aaron Lister – Tassie SbA State Qualifiers

The SbA state qualifiers are currently steam rolling around the country and it just so happened that Zoo York rider Aaron Lister was staying in his homeland of Tasmania when the comp series came to town. Check the clip of the top notch shredding that went down and Aaron ripping around the course!

“Holy bat smoke: Aaron Lister rips. After spending an extended period on Melbourne’s terrain he has returned to Tassie with a new satchel of skills and tarnished Devoport’s obstacles with his all out nitro approach, he received third for his efforts. He back 180’d the pyramid to flat, charged back lips and back tail biggys through the curved ledge and did the best fakie flip over the hip, it took him so far he could have probably cleared the whole platform.” -Morgan Campbell

Photo by Matty Hooker

The next comp will be in Adelaide at Osborne skate park on March 8th

Jack Fardell New Clip

Independent rider Jack Fardell is no doubt one of Australia’s gnarliest all terrain skaters.
He’s just released this exclusive clip for Hurley and Skateboarding Australia and systematically destroys every spot he comes across!

Indy Riders at Belcopalooza!

Check out Gracias for some rad pics covering the recent Belcopalooza comp in Canberra.
By now you’d know Indy rider Tommy Fynn took out the Australian titles for the third year running!
Fellow Independent trucks riders Sam Giles, Sammy Winter and Bugs Fardell are also featured in this black and white photo expose.
Click here for the link.

belco giles gap 5o-2

Pics – Sam Giles – gap to 5.0 grind
Tommy Fynn – nollie crooks
Photos by Duncan Ewington

Here’s the highlights from the event –