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Brandon Westgate B-Sides

Death defying stunts, speed, style, finesse and solidness.
It’s no surprise that Zoo York’s Brandon Westgate was a top nominee for Thrasher’s 2013 skater of the year!
Check out this amazing insight into what went into making Westgate’s MADE chapter for Emerica.

George Simmonds new clip

One of the most elusive and under-rated skaters around George Simmonds has just dropped a new clip for Zoo York.
“G.G” (as he’s affectionately known as) skates his local spots around Southern Tasmania in this short and sweet clip filmed by Louis Carney and Leigh Bolton.

George Simmonds – Zoo York 2013 from Lush Productions on Vimeo.

Zoo York 20 Year Anniversary South America Tour Video

Great skating, hyped crowds, ghetto spots, and a sick hip hop sound track.

Zoo York brings it with yet another awesome clip and an amazing tour across South America.