More than ever in this day and age, small regional pockets around Australia have been known to produce buzz artists who have gone onto be some of the countries best performing and well respected within their genres.

Enter Red Beard; A band who is showing not to be any exception to this trend, with massive momentum and hype being generated from sold out shows around the country (most recently X & Y Bar in Brisbane on Saturday 14th of December) and a controversy video clip which in a similar vein to Corey Delany and movie ‘Project X’ attracted over a thousand people to a house party which was the scene of the video shoot. The YouTube video for the EP single ‘Fox Tale’ has attracted almost 10,000 videos in less than a week.

Red Beard who is described as a mix between Bloc Party and Passion Pit are less than a year old. Members Tomi Rooney, Joel Forman and Reece Buckley all grew up in the small town of Gympie, QLD writing music and playing in various different bands together but never thought they would get the support they are receiving with their new band.

The band will be touring Australia and Internationally throughout April-June in support of the new release.

Red Beard Santa Cruz 14-11-13 (2 of 4)

Red Beard Santa Cruz 14-11-13 (4 of 4)

“I didn’t expect those monster neon synths to come in after such a dark start but you’ve really smashed out a indie-dance anthem here.”

Dave Ruby Howe, triple j

“Really interesting mix of synths and rock vocals here and a brilliant big sound around the 2:45 mark. Look forward to hearing more!”

Tom Ballard, triple j

Conjured up from the heights of Mount Olympus, Red Beard son of the firey bearded god of thunder, striking soul with each bolt through your body to your mind, I present to you, RED BEARD!

Enigma is now available for purchase through iTunes.

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