The Hidden Venture

The Hidden Venture
Raucous Melbourne four piece The Hidden Venture summon up a Goliath-like sound as they deliver their take on the true essence of rock.

Inspired in equal parts by the stoner riffs of Californian desert rock, the guitar wizardry of Hendrix and also every soul singer who had a story to tell, the band are not known for holding anything back. Their music serves up soaring vocal harmonies and blistering guitar freak-outs underpinned by a relentless rhythmic drive.

Their live shows see both the band and audience sweating it out as the muscular rhythms and edgy guitars take over. With their fearless spontaneity, expect anything to happen as the soulful vocals give way to alternating waves of psychedelic guitar and twisted riffs.

Once The Hidden Venture have plugged in, you’ll know that things are bound to get wild with an adrenalin fuelled night that will leave the punters howling for more.


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