West Hobart Bowl Jam

Lush Productions was a proud sponsor of the 10th Annual West Hobart Bowl Jam. Check out the gnarliness that went down in this clip by Louis Carney!



I had the great pleasure of returning to my hometown last month to celebrate the 10th anniversary of an event I first founded.  This time instead of organising the sponsors I was acting in the role as one!  So I was pretty stoked to be able to give back to the crew ripping at one of the most unique skate spots still left standing in the world.  The day started a bit gloomy and the bowl needed draining but the sun soon came out and the ripping began (and didn’t stop til sundown)!  I won’t go into too much detail, other then to say it was one of the best days of Tasmanian skateboarding ever!
 Christoph – Indy Air
 Poga – bs lipslide
JT – bs crail slide
Veteran – Method Air
Thanks to everyone who made it down to the Bowl and the sponsors – Concrete skate parks for upping the ante with cash prizes, Jimmy’s for organising the event, Lush and Vans for the prizes for everyone and all the skaters who put their bodies on the line!
See you next year!
Duncan Ewington: Lush Productions
( via http://duncan-ewington.blogspot.com.au/ )
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